12/02/04:  A lot has happened since the last time I wrote in here. I meant to bring my journal home over Thanksgiving break, but I forgot. My doctor called with the results of my biopsy and said there was no cancer, thank goodness. I was glad to hear the news and happy that I didn’t have to keep worrying about what was wrong with me. A few weekends ago, my mom came to visit and we went to look at apartments. Most were already taken, but we found a good deal on a two bedroom. My mom actually said that Carson and I can live together! It was really the only good deal we could find, so my mom finally gave in. I’m really excited and have been shopping lately trying to come up with some ideas of what we need for our new apartment. I know it’s kind of risky living with a boyfriend because there’s always a chance we could break up, but I’m willing to risk it because I love him so much. I’m pretty sure at this point that we won’t be breaking up anytime soon. We just had our 1 year and 2 month anniversary on the 23rd of November. We didn’t even get to spend it together, though, because Carson went back home to the Chicago suburbs. Last week we had the whole week off because of Thanksgiving break. I went back to my hometown and he went to his, so we didn’t get to spend much of the week together, but I still had fun. It snowed for the first time this year the night before Thanksgiving, and my brother surprised us by coming home. He originally said he couldn’t because he had to work, so it was a nice surprise. Thanksgiving is usually a holiday that I don’t look forward to very much, but this Thanksgiving was one of the best yet. Not too many people showed up at my aunt’s house, which I liked because I got to be myself and talk more. When we got there, we ate first and then played Trivial Pursuit, the 90’s edition, which is a really fun board game. My mom brought it and only people in my family were playing at first, but eventually everyone else joined in. The teams were me and my dad against my sister and mom. Everyone else was either doing something like watching football or watching us play the game and helped by yelling out answers. Later on, my sister and I went downstairs to play pool with my brother and my cousin’s wife. I don’t play pool very often, but somehow I ended up winning! I was having a lot of fun, but by that time it was already 5:00 PM and getting dark out, so my mom said we needed to get going. Usually after spending all day with family I’m ready for a break, but this time I didn’t want to leave. Then we went to my grandma and grandpa Day’s house for a while so they could see my brother. That visit also turned out to be really fun. We were dancing, playing the organ, and then started playing a game. We didn’t get to stay long, and once again I didn’t want to leave. Looking back on Thanksgiving, I can say that it was one of the best holidays I’ve had in a long time. The rest of my break was fun, too. I got to relax and be lazy, which is exactly what I needed. Well it’s 2:00 AM and I have class tomorrow, so I gotta go.

Commentary: I don’t always have a clear memory of specific holiday gatherings because they tend to run together after awhile, but Thanksgiving of 2004 definitely sticks out in my mind. My brother had moved to Nashville, so having him show up was an awesome surprise, plus we got to see both sides of our family when usually we would only spend it with my dad’s side. Things are much different now that I only have one surviving grandparent and don’t have many family members that live nearby, so I’m especially grateful to have these special memories documented.