11/13/04 (Saturday):  This morning when I woke up, I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed. For some reason I was extremely tired, but I knew I had to get up because Carson and I are going apartment hunting for next year. Around 1:00 PM we left to drive around the area to stop at any apartments we were interested in. I really want to live with Carson next year, but of course my parents have a problem with that. We decided to at least live in the same apartment complex. We didn’t have much luck finding anything good, so after making a few stops, we returned to my dorm room. Carson just bought a Nintendo GameCube, so he played that while I took a nap. When I woke up it was time for him to leave for work, so we said goodbye. I tried to go back to sleep, but was rudely awakened by a loud pounding on my door. I went to look out the peephole but didn’t see anyone, so I just locked the door and got back in bed. It really scared me for some reason to where I didn’t even want to leave my room to go to the bathroom. Finally, I went downstairs to eat dinner and of course they didn’t have anything good at the food court, so I had to just eat cereal. For the next few hours, I basically just sat around and waited for Carson to get off work. It seemed like forever until he finally called me at 9:30 PM to say he was on his way home. It really sucks because I don’t get any good channels in my dorm room, so when he’s gone at work there isn’t much for me to do. I don’t go out and party like everyone else. I live in a single room, so it tends to get pretty lonely in here. I just talked to Carson online and he’s coming over so good – I won’t be lonely anymore. Oh and by the way, when I went to the gyno recently, my test results came back abnormal. Yesterday morning I actually had to have a biopsy done which is where they had to take out a little piece of my uterus and test it for cancer. I was so nervous to have the procedure done and was dreading it every day last week, so I’m glad that it’s over with and it wasn’t as painful as I had imagined. Now all I have to worry about is getting the results back. The doctors who performed the procedure were very nice and made me feel comfortable, so I was thankful for that. Anyway, Carson is over here now and we are going to do homework and play Nintendo, so I’ll write later.

Commentary: My boyfriend during this time worked at the Olive Garden, so I always looked forward to nights when he was able to bring home free/discounted food. Usually it was just salad and breadsticks, but sometimes he’d bring home a dessert, so that was always a fun surprise considering I have a major sweet tooth 🙂 We also got a discount anytime we wanted to eat at either Olive Garden or Red Lobster, which was nice when you’re poor college students. I’m really in the mood to play Nintendo GameCube after reading this entry. The main game we played was called, “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door,” and it was awesome. I considered editing out the part about going to the gynecologist, but I want this blog to be as real and unedited as possible, so I decided to leave it in.