May 2003:  I just read my last entry, and it’s kind of sad because I haven’t seen Chad since that one time at Stone. I called when he was actually home, so we talked for a little bit. I’m pretty much over him though because he never gets online anymore and I don’t wait around for him to because I know it won’t happen. Ross and I are friends I guess, but we don’t really talk too much anymore. Jordan says he wants to go back out with me, but I don’t think I can trust him!! As of right now there really isn’t any guy that I like more than a friend. Brian sent me a letter and some money from Iraq. In the letter and as we have talked over the phone, he’s made it pretty clear that when he comes home in 15 days he wants us to have some kind of relationship. He is really nice and has a good sense of humor, but honestly I don’t want to date someone who is in the Marines. He’s just going to have to move back to California soon anyway. Ugh! I don’t know what to do, but I have a constitution test I seriously need to study for.

Commentary: All these years later and I still have that money from Iraq!