04/15/03:  Right now I’m sitting under a tree at Florida Atlantic University. My sister is in class and I just came along with her, but don’t have anything to do. Yesterday was a really fun day. I slept in and then went swimming and got a good tan. Then at night, my sister and I went to the mall again and I bought more clothes. Now I am almost out of money. Oh well! I have today and tomorrow and then I have to get on a plane and leave…how depressing. I really don’t want to go home. I don’t even miss anyone that much. Well, Ross kind of, but not even Jordan or Paul or anyone. This vacation has gone by incredibly fast. Well I’m bored and don’t know what else to say.

04/27/03:  I planned on writing more about my trip to Florida, but that didn’t really happen because I got way too busy. I’ve been back for about two weeks now and it’s not fun here. It rains or is cloudy every day and if the sun ever comes out, it’s on a day when I have to work. Oh well. I decided at the last minute that I’m going to prom. Brandon and I are going just as friends. Ross and I aren’t dating anymore because things are less confusing and there is less pressure when we don’t have a title. Plus, I’m not really a good person to date because I change my mind a lot and never know what I want. Anyway, this Friday night I went to Stone Country with some friends. I actually didn’t have to work, so that was nice. As I was sitting there at Stone, I thought about how I haven’t seen Chad in a long time. Nick was there, but I didn’t see Chad. So I went out and started dancing, and that’s when I saw him. I went up and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and gave me a hug, then picked me up and actually seemed happy to see me. He even said that it was great to see me again. I definitely have stronger feelings for Chad than I do for Ross. Ross can be kind of boring sometimes, but when I’m with Chad I honestly could never be bored. So then I went back over to the friends I came with and when we were getting ready to leave, I saw Chad out on the dance floor trying to learn a line dance. Awww, it was cute. Then he started to walk off the dance floor, so I went up to him and we hugged and started talking. Apparently he broke his ankle playing basketball. He said that he wanted to hang out with me after Stone, then the next day before I went to work, and then at night. He told me his phone number since he just moved, but I forgot it!!! So I ended up not calling, but I had other things to do anyway. Nick ended up giving me Chad’s new number and I called tonight but he wasn’t home. Ugh! I really want to hang out with him. Well I have to go, I’ll write more later!

Commentary: Did I really think I’d remember an entire seven digit phone number? It’s weird to think about how if someone moved, their phone number would change since everyone used house phones back then.