04/14/03: Right now it’s spring break and I’m staying with my sister in Boca Raton, Florida. I was scared to fly all by myself, but when I got on the plane, this guy from my school just happened to be on the same flight to Atlanta. I was able to sit with him and wasn’t scared anymore. We hung out for awhile in the airport until he had to get on another flight. I waited for my plane to come in, but it got delayed an hour. Finally, I got on and flew to Ft. Lauderdale where my sister picked me up. That night we just drove around town and looked at some huge mansions. The next morning was Friday and we went to Butterfly World, then to a little party thing in Ft. Lauderdale later that night. The next day we went to some bird place and I got to hold some huge freaky birds and one bit my sister. Ha! I told her it was going to bite, but she didn’t listen. Those birds are mean. Then we drove to Miami and went shopping. We tried to go to the beach, but it was way too busy and we could barely drive because the traffic was so awful. We ended up leaving and came back home to drink wine coolers. We also watched a video of a vacation our family took a long time ago to Colorado. It was when I was only six years old. Today is Sunday and we went to the Boca beach and I got sunburnt. It was fun playing in the ocean because I haven’t seen the ocean in years. The last time I saw the ocean was when I went to Florida with Cara. Then we came back to my sister’s apartment and played with her chameleon and gecko. We also went to the mall and I bought some really cool shirts and sandals. We went out to dinner at Red Lobster which was GREAT, and then I called my mom and dad to tell them about my trip so far. I’ve been talking to people online from back home and it’s cool to tell them what kinds of things I’m doing out here. Oh, we also went to the everglades today. It’s amazing here and I don’t want to leave and have to go back to work! Ugh. Well I’m going to play solitaire, so I’ll write more later.

Commentary: When I mentioned being scared to fly by myself for the first time, I conveniently left out the part about how I was crying hysterically. Apparently that was too embarrassing for even my diary to know about! We were at a very small airport with not much security, so my mom was able to sit at the gate with me. Once I got in line to board the plane and had to say goodbye to my mom, I completely lost it. I was already scared to fly because of a bad flight experience I had back in middle school, so having to fly alone for the first time was terrifying. When looking back, I’m able to see how God has put certain people in my life for specific reasons. I truly believe that my classmate being on the same flight was no coincidence. If he hadn’t been there to comfort me, I’m not sure I would have gotten on the plane. I’ve flown quite a bit since then, and never has there been a time where I’ve known someone on one of my flights. Reading this diary entry makes me realize how much I love Florida! I wish my sister still lived there. One thing I remember about this particular trip was how much I listened to the song, “If You’re Not the One” by Daniel Bedingfield. It was on the radio all the time and I loooved it. There were so many great photo options that I decided to include three that relate to this post. The first one was taken at Butterfly World (was it really necessary to show so much stomach?), the second is of me holding my sister’s gecko, although you can barely see him (what kind of face is that?), and the third is when I got attacked by birds at Butterfly World.