02/02/03:  I finally talked to Chad. I asked him what he did this weekend and he said he didn’t really remember. So I said, “Oh, you were that drunk huh?” and he said yeah. Just like I thought, he did not quit drinking. He said he stopped drinking during the week, but not on the weekends. I’m really mad – that’s not quitting, idiot! When I talked to him it really seemed like he didn’t want to talk, and I was already mad at him so I just said “bye” because I couldn’t take it anymore, and his response was “later” like he didn’t even care because he didn’t ask what was wrong or tell me he loves me like he usually does. He didn’t respond to my email either, so forget it. I really need to forget about Chad because I let him get to me. I believed all his BS and not what other people were trying to tell me, and now I’m crying over him when he isn’t worth it. I let my guard down with him and drove all the way out to where he lives, and even risked my parents finding out about him. If they knew about his record and him being in trouble then my life would be over. I sacrificed so much for him and for what? Just to get played and lied to. I made Jordan upset over this when he is someone who actually cares about me. I just need to think about things for awhile, so BYE!

Commentary: Did I really think dating a felon was going to work out?