01/01/03:  This is the last entry for this diary! Anyway, about the whole Chad thing – he said the reason he danced on that girl at Stone Country was because Nick told him that every time Paul comes home from ISU I’m all over him, and he got mad. That’s not true at all, but I know that’s something Nick would say. There was a time in the past where Nick tried to make a move on me and I denied him, so he’s probably just jealous. Chad and I stopped talking for a few weeks after that, and it was so weird because we live 45 minutes apart and I would somehow run into him everywhere I went. It’s just awkward. I went to Stone Country, the mall, Marci’s, and this other pool hall called Dave’s and saw him at all those places. What are the chances we would be there at the same time? The whole time we weren’t talking I found myself thinking about him constantly. It’s so crazy – why can’t I get over him after what he did? Two nights ago when I ran into him we just ignored each other, and then when I got home at like 1:00 in the morning, I got online. He was on, and we actually talked for the first time in awhile. Now things are really confusing! I’m going to start a new diary soon, so I’ll write about all that later. I still have to write about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which was last night. Well, I have to finish cleaning my room and Brian just called, so yeah! Excited for 2003! 🙂

Commentary: Most years of my life blur together, but there are some that stand out and 2003 is definitely one of them. Usually I consider a particular year as being either good or bad overall, but 2003 was one of the worst/best years of my life. Guess you’ll have to continue reading to find out what happens 🙂 I can’t believe I started blogging diary entries from when I was 8 years old (although I had to delete those due to my book deal) and now, a little over a year later, I’m only to the year 2003. It’s ridiculous how much time I spent writing in my diary. There’s many more diary entries to come, although I’m not completely sure if I’ll be blogging my college experience.