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11/06/02: I ended up getting all A’s on my report card, but I took pretty easy classes this semester. Here are my grades:

Environmental Science: 103%, A+ (with extra credit)

Sociology: 100%, A+

Foods: 95%, A

Composition: 96%, A

Photography: 96%, A

Gym: A

I was pretty proud of myself after seeing those grades. My grandma even sent me 20 bucks. Today I stayed home from school because I’ve been sick the past couple days. Yesterday I woke up with a really bad sore throat. Jordan and I don’t really hang out at all anymore. Sometimes I’ll talk to him on the phone, but I’ve realized that I really need to move on. So anyways, there is kind of, but not really, a new guy in my life. He’s friends with Nick and somehow I got his screen name a long time ago, but didn’t actually ever talk to him until a few weeks ago. I was really bored, so I IMed him and we talked for like two hours. His name is Chad. He’s really nice and I talk to him pretty much every day now. There are some bad things about him, though. First of all, he’s 21 and is on house arrest. He has been arrested 23 times in his life, but hasn’t done anything too terrible. Like once he got arrested just for getting in a fight. There’s no way I would go out with this guy of course, but I do want to at least meet him. On Halloween, we planned to meet each other at the movies along with Nick. Things kind of got mixed up with what time we were meeting, so it ended up not happening. We are planning on going to see a movie this Friday. If I meet him and realize that he’s bad news, I’ll stop everything right then. I’m pretty good friends with Nick, so if Chad was so dangerous or whatever Nick probably wouldn’t let me get involved with him, but he knows we plan on meeting and hasn’t said anything. Chad sent me a pic of himself, and oh gosh is he hot!! Well I’m gonna go back to bed, but I’ll update you later if anything happens!

Commentary: Whyyy was I so dumb? It doesn’t matter how “bad” the things he got arrested for were, the fact that he had been arrested more times than years he’d been alive should have been a red flag! My mom still remembers me coming home from school and asking her what house arrest was.