10/20/02:  So much has happened since the last time I wrote. Jordan and I don’t talk anymore. He ended up going to homecoming with that girl after he told me he wasn’t taking anyone. Whatever, I’m done with him. About a week ago, I drove to Washington to go to Marci’s pool hall. Paul wanted me to come over first because he was back from college for the first time in over a month. Right when I got there, his parents left for a movie. We talked for awhile, and then of course he wanted to do more than just talk. I’ve told him before that I only want to be friends with him, but he was very persistent and it made me uncomfortable, so I left and drove all the way back to my house. I didn’t even go to Marci’s or anything. So yeah, I won’t be talking to him again! I spent the night at Cara’s last night and told her what happened. Oh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Cara and I both applied to ISU and got accepted. On the 13th of this month was that Incubus concert in Champaign that I was supposed to go to with Jordan, but I ended up taking Samantha. I was also going to take him to the Chili Boil last night, but went with Cara instead. We had fun and even went to a haunted house afterwards just like we always do, but at the same time I was upset about Jordan.

Commentary: I don’t sound very excited about getting accepted to ISU, but I definitely was.  At first, the thought of moving an hour away from home and going to college with a bunch of strangers didn’t appeal to me, but once my best friend got accepted, I was absolutely thrilled. We were going to be roommates, party every weekend, and everything was going to be great…except that it wasn’t.