fish pillow

08/06/02:  It feels really strange not being in color guard.  I have done it for the past three years, but decided not to my senior year because most of my friends who were in it with me graduated last year.  Like Samantha and Shawna, for example.  All the people in it now are dumb!  Band camp is this week and I’m glad to be missing out on that!  I was going to go on Friday to see how much progress everyone has made and see what the show is going to be like, but I have to work.  Another reason I’m not in it is because the band director left.  That really sucks because he was such a great guy.  Anyway, Cara and I hung out last night.  We went to our friend’s house and watched a movie, and then we went to Sunnyland to hang out with Nick and Paul.  We went to some pool hall and it was boring, so we went back to Cara’s house and I spent the night there.  Today I mostly slept, and then Cara and I went to Cody’s house since he was having a little get together.  We didn’t stay long because we were the only girls there, and all the guys were so freaking immature!  Then we drove to Marci’s in Washington and ran into Nick and Paul.  When Paul and I talked earlier today, he said all this crap about how he really wanted to hang out with me.  He ended up ignoring me the entire night and just flirted with some girl.  Cara and I decided to leave.  I’m really going to stay the heck away from Paul from now on.  He is such a liar, and ughhh.  Well I have to wake up early for work and it’s 1:00 in the morning.  Goodnight!

Commentary: I somewhat regret not being in color guard my senior year. As I mentioned, my friends had previously graduated, and I apparently decided that everyone left was “dumb.” So much for using that as an opportunity to make new friends! I decided to post a completely random pic from 2002 of my dad and I sitting in his van. He’s very proudly (and creepily) holding up his fish pillow.