(photo from cargurus.com)

08/05/02:  I haven’t written in this thing in over a month!  Anyway, Las Vegas was a hell of a lot of fun.  I seriously did not want to leave.  All I have really been doing this summer is working and hanging out with Jordan.  Two days ago, my sister moved to Florida and took the Mustang.  Now I have to drive her ’92 piece of crap!  So today when I got home from work, I cleaned the car really well both inside and out.  Things between Jordan and I have gotten better.  We have been going out for almost one year and six months.  A few nights ago we got in a huge fight, though.  That sucked, and I don’t even want to talk about it.  Josh from TN is supposedly coming back here on Thursday.  Whatever, I’ll believe it when I see it.  At first, I was excited to hang out with him again because I really enjoyed seeing him last summer, but Jordan said that if I hang out with Josh at all, he will never talk to me again.  It will probably just cause a lot of drama if he comes back, ugh.  Things between Paul and I have been really messed up lately.  One minute he’ll tell me that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, and then a couple days later he’ll want to go out with me.  I just don’t know what to do anymore, but I know that things are definitely over between him and I.  We will never go out or date again.  Even though I shouldn’t let what he says get to me, I’m still hurt.  Anyways, school starts on the 20th.  I guess I’m ready to go back because this summer hasn’t been that great.  Jordan has to work every day from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and I don’t really hang out with my other friends.  Ian and I stopped talking.  Cara and I are friends, but don’t hang out much.  Jordan is supposed to be at my house right now, but of course is more than an hour late.  I’m seriously so fed up with him.  I love him with all my heart, but he hurts me a lot.  Anyway, I feel like crap and am depressed, so I’ll write more another day!

Commentary: I’m confused – at the beginning of this entry I say that things between Jordan and I have gotten better, and by the end I’m talking about how fed up I am with him and how much he hurts me. Goodness. Today’s photo is of a teal Pontiac Grand Am that’s very similar to the “92 piece of crap” that I had to drive. It even had the same teal rims! Just looking at that type of car brings back a lot of memories and makes me feel super nostalgic.