05/19/02:  I went to the Incubus/Hoobastank concert on April 28th.  Ian came with me, and it was sooo amazing!!!  It was the best time I’ve had this entire year so far.  The whole time I was wishing the night would never end.  Anywho, awhile ago I took the ACT and it really sucked!  It was really hard, and I ended up guessing on more than half the questions.  Oh well…I also got my grade back on my term paper and I got a C.  The class average was a C-, so I guess I did alright.  Cara failed it!  I have one more week of school and a week of finals, then it’s over and I will start my new job on June 3rd.  I will be working at the Christian Center doing things like answering phones and putting information into the database, so nothing too difficult.  I wanted to have more work experience, not just babysitting.  Hmmm, what else to talk about…oh yeah, my love life.  Paul and I have been talking a lot more, and we also have been hanging out.  He tells me that he wants to go back out with me, but I am realizing that I just want to be friends.  Jordan and I broke up for awhile, then got back together for a week or so, and now I just don’t know what to do!  Ugh!  Well I’m gonna go to the mall.

Commentary: For some reason when I wrote this I acted like I wanted to work at the Christian Center to obtain some true work experience, but that was not the case. My mom was worried because I was hanging out with people who she felt were a bad influence on me and she thought I was starting to go down the wrong path, so off to the Christian Center we went. She basically got me the job with the intention that I would meet better people and make new friends, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. There were only about five people who worked in the office, and they were all much older than I was. There was one cute guy who worked there that definitely caught my eye. I didn’t see him much – he had his own office that he would go directly into through a side door, and all I knew was that he helped out with some sort of baseball camp. I had a little crush on him for sure, and guess who he was? Ben Zobrist who now plays for the Chicago Cubs!!