(Photo from sheddaquarium.org)

12/30/01:  This morning I woke up and got ready to go to Chicago.  I really, really, really did NOT wanna go!  But I had to, so I called Jordan to say goodbye.  For some reason he sounded so incredibly sweet, and that made me not want to leave even more!  By the way, last night I had to babysit, and the kids were terrible!  They wouldn’t listen to me, and absolutely would not go to bed.  When I tried to make them get up and go into their room, they started kicking, punching, and scratching me.  It sucked because I had to just stand there and take it.  It’s not like I could hit them back.  Finally, I told them that I seriously would never babysit for them again, so that’s when they went to bed.  Before I left to go babysit, Jordan came over.  I talked to him for awhile and almost cried when he left my house.  Even though I will only be in Chicago for three days, I am still going to miss him.  I mean, we won’t even get to spend New Year’s Eve together!  Now I won’t have anyone to kiss when the ball drops at midnight.  It’s hard because we have spent so much time together this past week since we are on break from school.  We saw each other every single day, and now I won’t even be able to call him!!!  Anyway, when we arrived in Chicago today around 11:15 a.m., we went to the Shedd Aquarium.  We walked around for what seemed like forever and looked at all the seahorses and such.  I realized that many things reminded me of Jordan.  First of all, there were so many couples walking around holding hands, and I saw this one dude kiss his girlfriend’s hand.  I was sad because that’s what Jordan always does to me.  Then this mother was calling out to her son, and of course his name had to be Jordan!  A few weeks ago, Jordan went to a Detroit Lions game at the Soldier Field stadium.  That is basically right across the street from the Shedd Aquarium, so it was just another thing that made me think of him.  Also, this kid was wearing a Detroit Redwings hat, which just happens to be Jordan’s favorite hockey team.  Aww, I miss him so much already.  So anywho, we checked into this hotel called the Radisson.  We are on the 37th floor, and it is 5:14 p.m.  I am sitting in a chair next to the window right now, and as I look out I can see all the buildings start to light up. Wow. Oh yeah, we also walked around and went shopping at some stores.  We didn’t stay out long because it’s freakin’ freezing out there!!!  Ahhh, no way!  On TV we are watching 3rd Rock from the Sun and of COURSE the guy’s name is Jordan!  My mom looked over at me to see if I heard.  How am I going to survive the next two days?  Grrr.  Well I’m going to go see if I can borrow my mom’s cell phone to call him.

P.S. – I’m homesick!

Commentary: I love how I go from being completely dramatic by saying that I won’t even be able to call Jordan while in Chicago, and by the end of the entry I decide that all I have to do is use my mom’s cell phone. I would’ve been a lot better off had I not been able to call him, and you’ll see why in tomorrow’s post 🙂