12/28/01:  It’s Friday and is exactly 1:02 in the morning.  I can’t seem to fall asleep, so that is why I’m writing in your pages.  Anyway, I love Christmas break!  I really never want to go back to school.  It will really suck next Thursday when I go back because four days later I start taking finals.  I don’t want to think about school anymore!!!  I’ll tell ya about my plans for tomorrow.  Jordan wants me to come over, but I really doubt my brother will let me take his car for the whole day.  So I think Cara and I will go shopping at the mall.  For Christmas, my grandma gave me a $40.00 gift certificate to buy anything at any store in the mall, so tomorrow I will be sure to use that!  Lately I have really been getting involved with the music of a band called Incubus.  I have really liked them the past few years, but not nearly as much as now.  I really hope to find another person out there who enjoys their music as much as I do.  I have tried to get Jordan to listen to them, but he decided a long time ago that he just doesn’t like them.  Grrr!  Once again, as I have said many times in the past, music is such a big part of my life.  I’ve noticed that every single day of Christmas break so far, I have taken at least an hour each day to sing along to my music.  I know it sounds silly, but music is what I want to end up doing with my life.  There is no doubt I have a passion for it.  No other careers interest me at all.  I thought that might be a sign to do what I dream of doing, but it isn’t that easy.  I’m not saying I want to play guitar or something – I want to be the lead singer and write all the lyrics!  Anywho, I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.  Goodnight!

12/29/01:  The time is 12:41 in the morning.  I will tell you about my day, or technically, yesterday.  Cara and I went to the mall, and I bought a pair of jeans and a shirt.  Later Jordan came to pick me up, and we saw a movie called Vanilla Sky which was very strange, but interesting.  Then he came over to my house and we played Nintendo until after midnight.  Today is Saturday morning, which means tomorrow I leave for Chicago!  Ahhh!  Jordan and I REALLY wanted to spend New Year’s Eve together, and now we won’t be able to.  We already made plans and everything.  Normally I would be excited for New Year’s, but not now that I have to leave my boyfriend.  Anyway, I’m really tired so I’ll just write more later!

Commentary: Oh man, I definitely remember being very passionate about music and wanting to be the lead singer of a band. I would put an Incubus CD in my stereo, start playing the first track, and sing all the way through the entire album without stopping. Even if it’s been years since I’ve listened to one of their early albums, I still remember the words to every song because of how often I listened to them growing up. I was never able to fulfill my childhood dreams of being in an actual band, so I just play Rock Band instead 🙂