Mario Kart 64

12/27/01:  Today I went over and picked Jordan up at his house.  I brought him over to my house and we played Nintendo.  I kept beating him at the game and he got sooo mad!  Sheesh, what a sore loser.  Anyway, I took him home around 4:15 and came back to get ready.  Today was my grandma and grandpa Hitchell’s 60th wedding anniversary.  We held a surprise party for them at The Woodcutter.  All of our relatives came, and the food was yummy!  I had a really nice time.  Then my cousin, sister, and I went to my house to play Nintendo.  My cousin left around 9:15, so I called Jordan and talked to him for awhile.  Oh yeah, today Josh called from Tennessee!  I haven’t talked to him in the longest time.  Of course he didn’t come back like he said he was going to, but once I heard his voice I realized how much I miss the kid.  Well, it looks like I have filled up another diary!  Wow, and it doesn’t stop here!  I will continue to write in my new diary.

Commentary: Oh how I miss Nintendo 64…