12/25/01:  It’s Christmas Day!  Right now it’s 12:32 in the morning.  I don’t know why I was freaking out about Jordan.  His mom was gone the whole day, so he couldn’t call me because she had the cell phone.  Anyway, a few hours ago was Christmas Eve.  Today I went (actually yesterday) over to Cara’s house.  Then I came home and watched some TV.  At about 5:15, Jordan came over and we exchanged gifts.  I got him a $20.00 hat from American Eagle along with some incense.  He got me a pretty necklace and an Incubus tape.  It has footage from one of their concerts.  It’s awesome, and I’ve watched it twice already!  Then we sat down and ate Christmas dinner.  It was kinda weird having Jordan there.  Afterwards, I got out some old family videos from 1990.  They were fun to watch.  There was a part in one of the videos where I kissed my brother and gave him a hug.  That actually almost made me cry.  I hate thinking about how things have totally changed.  Back then we were such good pals, and now we don’t get along at all.  Then Jordan ate a slice of pecan pie (ewww) and went home because he was tired.  My family and I gathered around the tree and opened presents.  I didn’t get too many this year, but that’s okay.  I got pretty much everything I asked for.  I’ll tell you some things I got: a lava lamp from my sister, a Nirvana poster from my brother, the movies Dumb and Dumber and The Wedding Singer from my mom, Mario Kart 64, a Deftones visor from my grandma, a Christmas candle from my mom, a cordless phone for my room, a teddy bear, $50.00 from my grandpa, and some gift certificates from my grandparents.  I probably forgot to list some things, but that’s good for now.  So then my grandparents left, and I took all my presents up to my room.  The time is now 12:48 a.m.  Tomorrow I have to wake up early and go to my other grandparents’ house.  Fun, fun!  Well I’m tired, so I’ll write more later!

The next morning: Today is Christmas!!  I went online and got to talk to Sam for about an hour, so that was nice.  At noon, I went over to my grandparents’ house and opened presents there.  We ate a big lunch, and I watched A Christmas Story because it was on TV.  Then I went home, and Jordan came over.  I showed him what I had gotten for Christmas.  We watched The Wedding Singer, and then he went home.  My Christmas was pretty cool this year!  Of course, having Jordan here made it so much better.

Commentary: Christmas back then was awesome. Besides getting a ridiculous amount of presents, we would also have a nice meal, play Christmas carols on the piano, and watch old family videos. We have a ton of family videos, which I’m extremely grateful for, but the more time that goes by, the harder they are to watch. Life is so different now and much more complicated, plus certain loved ones have passed away. Watching those videos in the 90’s – early 2000’s was a fun activity that would make us laugh out loud, but now requires a box of tissues. Today’s photo is one of my childhood cat, Libby, looking quite sinister. I still have my Nirvana poster and Deftones visor (that I have yet to wear).