cosmic bowling

12/12/01:  I’ve been having really bad cramps today, so that ain’t cool.  Anyways, I kind of didn’t tell Samantha or Shawna about me and Jordan.  I’ve kept the secret for two months!  Today I finally told them.  I was afraid they wouldn’t understand, and I was right about that.  By the secret, I mean that I didn’t tell them that Jordan and I had gotten back together.  They thought I was single this whole time.  Anyway, tonight I talked to Josh online for a little while.  It’s so weird, I feel like I don’t know him at all.  When I really think back and remember, I realize that he was a very important person to me.  Of course I love Jordan more and always have, but there is just something about Josh.  We always had such a great time when we hung out.  We actually went out and did stuff like cosmic bowling.  Jordan and I don’t really go out anywhere because we are both broke.  Next year I won’t get to see Jordan as much because I’ll have to get a job and start working.  I just remembered that I still have to fold all my laundry and it’s 11:00 p.m.  There’s school tomorrow, so I’ll write more later!

12/15/01:  Ahhh!  Jordan came over last night and it was our 10 month anniversary.  It was kind of a bad night though because ugh, I’m not even going to talk about it.  Tonight is a Saturday night and I really wanted to go out, but my parents took the car and Jordan went to a hockey game.  I’m pretty much stuck.  Cara has to cheer at a basketball game.  When my parents come back at 8:00, I think I’ll stop by Pizza Works because I haven’t been there in forever.  Anyway, I’m gonna go clean my room and get online!

Commentary:  Apparently our off and on relationship and the fact that we had broken up for awhile didn’t factor in when it came to our monthly anniversaries.