10/27/01: This morning everyone got up and got ready. We ate breakfast at the hotel. I had a bagel with cream cheese, toast, and orange juice. After that, we packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel. We drove down the road seven miles and arrived at House on the Rock. We spent about two hours looking around at everything. It was really cool. We ate pizza and then left to begin our long drive back to Peoria. We are in Iowa right now. Brrrrr! It’s a lot colder up here, and I didn’t pack the right clothes for this weather! The entire ride here and back I have been freezing. They also have the air conditioning on…grrr. Anyway, House on the Rock was pretty fun. As soon as I walked into this one room with a huge fake whale and octopus in an ocean, a rush of memories came back from when I had been there before. It’s about 4:00 p.m. right now and instead of going straight home, we are going to Roanoke so Samantha’s brother can look at some stupid viper cars. It’s a total waste of time because Roanoke is way out of the way. We have to find a totally different way to come home now. My friends Ryan and Luke wanted me to hang out with them tonight, so hopefully I’ll get back in time to do that. I’m going to go to sleep now, so BYE!

Commentary: So we drove 3.5-4 hours, stayed in a hotel, walked through House on the Rock (which only took 2 hours) and then drove all the way back?  Somehow that doesn’t seem worth it.