10/26/01: Guess what?! About two hours after my mom got in a car accident, my brother called and hit a deer with the van! I couldn’t believe that two of our cars got messed up on the same day. Anyway, I spent the night at my sister’s apartment. Yesterday morning I went to Bradley with her and then hung out at her boyfriend Dave’s dorm. Later, I met everyone in color guard at Applebee’s for dinner. I got a gift from my Creepy Casper, and guess what she got me? Another diary! That’s perfect because I write a lot and probably will need a new diary soon. After dinner the guard was supposed to go to a haunted house, but no one wanted to go anymore! Grrr. So Samantha came over to my house and we got online. Ryan was on, so I told him to come over even though it was like 9:00 p.m. He came with two people – Cody and Ali. We chilled for about an hour and then they left. I listened to the new Incubus CD I just bought and fell asleep. This morning I woke up and got all packed. Samantha’s dad came to pick me up, and now we are on the way to Wisconsin. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but we are going to House on the Rock. I went there when I was about eight years old, so it should be fun to go back and remember everything. Of course the only two things I brought to do on this six hour trip were my diary and all my music. Going through all the crap I went through this past year and dealing with all these stupid guys has kinda made me forget how much music means to me. So now I’m just remembering all these songs I love and it’s great. I bet I sound stupid, so I’ll shut up now. Argh, I’m getting carsick and it sucks knowing that every minute I’m getting further away from Josh, Jordan, Ryan…everyone I really care about. Awww! I actually miss Paul, too. That’s it, I wanna go home!

Later: About two hours ago, me, Samantha, her brother and dad all went to Don’s family restaurant for breakfast. I had a ham and cheese omelet with toast and orange juice. Yum, yum! As I was sitting there, I kept smelling something that reminded me of Josh! It was quite strange…someone there must have been wearing his cologne. It made me sad though, because I realized how much I miss him. Last night he called and I got to talk to him for a little while. Anyway, we have been driving forever and are finally in Wisconsin. We also went through some of Iowa. I could tell everyone was getting tired because it was really quiet. All of the sudden, Samantha’s dad started to go off the road. I think he was starting to fall asleep and it was also very windy. Now Samantha’s 15 year old brother, Zach, is driving. I feel like listening to music, so I’ll write more later.

Later: Wow, this pen I’m writing with smells like blueberries! Haaaaaa! Anyway, we arrived at the House on the Rock Inn around 3:45 p.m. We checked into the hotel, and it’s so awesome! Samantha and I walked around and took some pictures. My stupid, cheap camera doesn’t have a damn flash, so any pictures I take inside probably won’t turn out well. Grrrr! Then we ordered a movie to watch called Legally Blonde. I have already seen it once before, but I thought it was really funny so I didn’t mind seeing it again. We ate some popcorn and I bought a root beer. It’s about 6:45 right now. We still haven’t eaten dinner, but that’s okay because I’m not hungry at all. Well now Zach is saying that he’s hungry, so we might end up eating out somewhere. I guess I can just get a dessert. I’m probably boring you, so I’ll go finish my book and write later when something exciting happens.

Later: We all watched The Simpsons and went to the bar in this hotel to eat dinner. I had mini corn dogs that were yummy! Afterwards, we got in our bathing suits and went swimming for awhile. I also relaxed in the hot tub. Samantha and I got dressed an hour later and went to the workout room. I’m trying to build up my arm muscles. Then we relaxed in our room and ordered another movie. This one was called The Fast and the Furious. It was pretty much all about racing cars. Now I’m not sure what to do. I know it’s pretty darn late, but I can’t go to sleep because I drank too many sodas. I have to do something to get my mind off of Jordan though, because for some reason he is all I’ve been thinking about this whole time. I’m going to finish my book and then listen to some Incubus, so I’ll write more tomorrow!

Commentary: For a brief period of time, I felt the need to “build up my arm muscles” because several girls had threatened to beat me up for various reasons.  I remember I kept weights in my bedroom and used them every night for awhile, but it wasn’t enough to make any kind of noticeable difference – my arms were still toothpicks.  Thankfully it ended up being all talk and no one ever tried to fight me.  High school girls were mean and I never felt like I could relate to any of them, so that’s why the majority of my friends were guys.  Today’s photo is the only one I have from my trip to House on the Rock where I’m posing very strangely in the women’s bathroom.