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10/24/01: Today was actually a little better. I had three tests and a timed writing in English, but at least I haven’t cried yet. I got a 100% on my Spanish quiz, so hopefully I will get back on track and get better grades. Tomorrow I’m going to Bradley University with my sister, and tonight I will be going over to my sister’s new apartment to spend the night. Anyway, my mom was in a car accident on her way home from work. Some idiot side-swiped the driver’s side of the car. My mom is okay, but the whole side of her car is messed up! Grrr. It’s from the front all the way to the back. Huge black scratches and dents – it’s awful. The good news is that the lady who ran into her has to pay for all the damages. Well I’m gonna get online now and talk to my friend Ryan, so I’ll write more later!

Commentary: Oh no, not my “grrr” phase.