color guard

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10/14/01: Today is my eight month anniversary with Jordan! Even though we didn’t exactly go out the entire time, I still consider it our anniversary. Yesterday was State at ISU for color guard. I had to wake up at 4:15 in the morning and be at school by 5:30. I was sooo tired! Anyway, we performed in the State parade and got first place! That was so awesome. Then we performed our field show and tied with Newton for first place. They determined the tie-breaker by whichever band got a higher score for music, and Newton beat us by 3/10 of a point! Argh, but somehow Dunlap ended up getting overall Grand Champions, so we got to keep the Governor’s trophy that we received last year. Our drum line, percussion, and drum majors all got first place. Of course color guard got first place, like we’ve done at pretty much every competition. We even beat IVC’s color guard. Anyway, I didn’t get home until midnight, and it poured down rain the whole day. We even had to perform the field show in the rain, so that sucked. Today I woke up around 12:30 and my mom, sister, and I went shopping. It was fun, and then Jordan came over and we just chilled out. I really do love the kid a lot. After he went home, I got online and then did homework. I’m really tired and have to clean my room still, so I’ll write more later!

Commentary: I have fond memories of being in color guard until I read things like this in my diary.  I forgot how long some of those days were when we had to travel to competitions.  I’m not sure how I survived 5:30am – midnight in the pouring rain.