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09/20/01: A few nights ago, I dumped Paul. Apparently he was really upset about it, but I only got to see him for one day out of the whole week, so I figured it wasn’t worth it. There is this guy named Miles who is new at my school. We have become friends, and he calls me every night. We even get together on weekends. He asked me to Homecoming, but I don’t know about that…Paul and I will probably go as friends. I’m really glad I met Miles because he is so awesome and we have a lot in common. We enjoy the same type of music, like Deftones. He is on the football team, was in marching band with me but got kicked out, and yesterday he tried out for the school play (Grease). Recently I’ve been having MANY problems with my parents. I seriously cannot get along with them. Every time I talk to my mom, I get really pissed off. The situation gets ten times worse every day, but I’ve realized how much I love music and it has really been helping me out. I have so much anger built up inside of me, and when I sing every emotion comes out and I end up feeling so much better. I just thought I would share that. Anyways, let’s talk about Josh. I miss him more and more every day! It sucks that he has to live in Tennessee. I think he is coming here for Christmas, so that’s cool. Ahh, it’s Thursday night, almost midnight, and I haven’t even started my homework! I have been such a slacker lately, and my grades are suffering because of it. One of my goals this year is to raise my grade point average to at least a 3.5. Then I would be extremely happy, but I don’t know if that’s possible. Ok, I’m sure this rambling isn’t making a lot of sense and my hand is tired of writing, so I’m gonna go to bed!

Commentary: Kicked out of marching band?  I certainly knew how to pick ’em.