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08/16/01: Yesterday I had to go to registration for school. I also got my picture taken for the yearbook. After that, Cara came to pick me up and we ate lunch at the Hometown Buffet. It was yummy. Then she came over for awhile, and we just hung out and talked about school and stuff. We actually have a class together!! Then Cara went home and I just sat around the whole night since I’m grounded. Uggghhh. I didn’t even do anything wrong. I cleaned my room really well to try and get out of it, but that didn’t work. Samantha came over and spent the night, but ended up falling asleep at 11:00 p.m. I was wide awake, so I went downstairs and got online. I was hoping Paul would be on because he said he would be, but he wasn’t. His good friend Ashley was on though, and told me she just talked to Paul on the phone and his internet won’t be hooked up for a couple of days. Then she said he told her to tell me “hi” for him, and gave me his number at school. I went to bed, but I really wanted to talk to him about how college is going since yesterday was his first day. This morning Samantha and I woke up to the phone ringing off the hook, and of course it was Cara. She got sooo pissed off at me just because I couldn’t go out today since I’m grounded. Ahhh, this is getting so frustrating! We seriously get in a fight every day, and I just don’t think I can handle it anymore! Anywho, that’s all I have to say!

Commentary:  Somehow I doubt I did nothing wrong to get myself grounded.  I apologize for being MIA lately!  December is always a really hectic month and I was out of town for Christmas, but I’ll try to get back to posting daily! 🙂