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06/20/01: It’s my 16th birthday! Yay! My friends took me to a movie yesterday, so that was fun. I also had my first color guard practice of the year. I can’t believe I’m going to be a junior! Anyway, today I got to talk to Sam for about an hour and a half. That’s cool, because that’s what I did last year on my b-day. Sam basically made this birthday the best one yet because he said, “love ya.” You have no idea how happy I was, considering I thought I totally lost him. To explain, a year ago when I first started talking to him, everything was cool and we were pretty good friends. Then we went for a long time without talking, and things kinda got all screwed up. Then we started talking again, but things just weren’t the same. Now things are pretty close to being back to normal. But you don’t understand! Sam NEVER says “love ya.” I always say it to him and usually he just responds with, “yeah, you too.” He never says those special words, but today he actually did. He said a lot of stuff that was so awesome I just had to print our whole convo out, hehe. Gosh! I even cried because what he said just made me so happy. Oh, and he also wrote a kick ass love song. He thinks it totally sucks, but I read it since he sent it to me, and it’s cool. I really never expected him to write a song like that because it was pretty serious. Most of his other songs are silly. Jordan just came over, so I’m gonna have to go!

Commentary: So I’m going on and on about Sam and how much I love him, and then at the end of the entry, I say that I have to go because my boyfriend just came over. Wow. Over time I develop stronger feelings for my boyfriend and don’t talk to Sam as much, but things at this stage were very confusing because I was sort of in love with both of them at the same time!