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06/15/01: Hello! I got back from my trip a few days ago. I guess I was just freakin’ out about nothing, because Jordan definitely wasn’t cheating on me. Yesterday was our four month anniversary. This is the first month he hasn’t gotten me any present. I mean, I even got him something! My birthday is in five days, so maybe he has something good planned for me. Today is June 15th…a very special day indeed! Exactly one year ago today was the very first day I talked to Sam! Yay! So today I really wanted to talk to him. It’s a Friday night so I figured he would be out and not online, but luckily he got on after I talked to his brother for awhile. What Sam said made me tear up. Ahhh! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but ever since I first started talking to him, I’ve had this funny feeling – like he’s my soulmate or something. No, don’t laugh! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s really true. I mean, I love Jordan a lot and all, but when he says all these wonderful things about me, it’s like I don’t care as much. If Sam says anything like that, I start crying. I guess he means a lot to me. Well, I know he does. Anyway, I guess you are wondering what he said! Well don’t get too excited because it’s nothing big. He just said that it’s been great knowing me, the time has flown by, and he is sure he won’t forget me. Oh yes, he also mentioned that he will never forget last summer and how we used to talk to each other for hours every day, and I was like, “Yeah, that was great.” I downloaded this song called More Than Words by Extreme and listened to it while thinking about Sam. It really made me cry. It’s truly a beautiful song. Anyway, guess what?! Jordan got ahold of Sam’s screen name and talked to him! They actually have a lot in common, which really surprised me because I thought they were like total opposites. They have the same favorite song by Weezer and like a lot of the same bands. Jordan told Sam that I was hot, he was lucky to have me, and about how much he loves me. I was thinking, “Oh great,” but Sam thinks that’s cool and he said to keep this one because he’s good. Oh my gosh! I can’t explain to you what Sam means to me. I don’t know why, actually I have no idea why I like him so much or why he means so much to me, but it’s just a feeling I have about him. If I don’t meet him in person someday, that will be the one thing I will regret in my life. I just hope when I meet him, he is exactly how I pictured and thought he would be, and even better. I think I like everything about him pretty much! His whole personality is like no other. Well I don’t want to keep thinkin’ about him because I’ll go positively mad! So I’m off to bed, goodnight!

Commentary: “More Than Words” still makes me cry, but for a different reason, which you’ll learn more about later. I expected Jordan to get me a present every single month? Goodness. I wanted to meet Sam in person, but unfortunately that never happened. It’s pretty difficult at that age to meet someone who lives 4,000 miles away.