mall of america

06/09/01: Right now I’m in the car on my way to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I already miss Jordan! I don’t think we have ever been away from each other for three days. I know three days isn’t that long, but still. It will definitely be hard to not be able to talk to him. Oh my gosh! I don’t think I can take this…the whole way here my parents have been talking about my stupid brother and how great he is. Ugghhh. Jamie is also in the car with us, and for some reason everyone is getting on my nerves! All I wanna do is sleep, and there is all this talking going on. People just can’t shut up. Oh, did I tell you I kind of cheated on Jordan? Yes, I’ll admit it. It was like two or three weeks ago. I met this guy at the Willow parking lot. He was really nice to me and I kinda liked him. Before I knew it, we were making out in the back of a van. I feel really bad about it, and Jordan doesn’t know. I don’t even wanna think about what would happen if he did find out. I love Jordan, and I’m sorry that I did that. I really don’t know what I was thinking. Anyways, I’m starting to get car sick, so I’ll try and write more later. Buh-bye! Ok, I’m back. Yes! We are almost there. We are in Minnesota right now and are getting close to Minneapolis. I’ve been trying to not think about Jordan, and I guess that’s the best thing to do. My mom was just telling Jamie about him and all the sweet things he has done. For example, he brought a rose to my school and left it in the office for me. He also came by my house at 3:30 in the morning and left a card on my front porch. He said he was just thinkin’ about me and had to bring that by. This has been the only time in my life that I’ve felt like someone actually really needs me. Like if I died, it seems like he would be the only one who would give a damn. It’s nice to have someone who cares about you so much. I just hope we are together for a long time because there aren’t that many sweet guys in this world. One time things weren’t going so well in our relationship, and Jordan cried for an hour because he thought I was going to break up with him. He said, “Nobody will love you as much as I do, I can promise you that.” He already wants to marry me. I don’t think that’s such a bad idea. I think we are going to stop and eat pretty soon, so I’ll write more when we get to the hotel. Hello again. We finally got to Minneapolis! We checked into our hotel and then went to the Sullivan’s apartment to drop Jamie off. We actually stayed for awhile. Mrs. Sullivan made spaghetti for dinner, which was really good because the sauce was homemade, and the bread sticks were delicious. Then everyone sat around and talked for what seemed like forever! Then we started playing cards, which was really fun. At first I didn’t really want to, but they convinced me to play and I got really into it after awhile. We played cards until midnight. Now I’m sitting here in bed in the hotel room. We are going to the Mall of America tomorrow and it’s about 12:30 a.m. now, so I think I’m gonna get some sleep. I’ll write more tomorrow!

P.S. – I miss Jordan!

Commentary: I was such a jerk. Jordan did a bunch of sweet things for me and I decide to go kiss some random guy that I met in a parking lot?! Argh. That’s one of those things that make me cringe and want to edit out before I post the blog, but my goal is to be totally honest and share the good, bad, and ugly. Today’s photo is one that we took through the car windshield as we were approaching the Mall of America.