inside the mall

06/10/01: Today we went to the Mall of America. Oh my gosh, it’s so huge! It has five floors and a bunch of rides and stuff. There is basically a whole amusement park called Camp Snoopy that’s inside. And guess what?! You can also get married in the mall! Haha. We ate at a restaurant called the Rainforest Café, which was sooo cool. It was designed as a real rainforest with moving mechanical animals and there were fake storms where everything got dark, there was thunder, and things vibrated. It was awesome. Then I rode on a roller-coaster which was inside, and there was a log ride with a huge drop. That was fun. I bought a football for Jordan and got a lot of new clothes for myself. We went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour, and then walked to a restaurant called Baker’s Square, which is known for their wonderful tasting pies. After dinner, I came back to the hotel and called Jordan. Oh before I forget, the weather here has been so nice! About 80 degrees, and back home it was only like 70 degrees. Anyway, Jordan didn’t seem too excited to talk to me. Well I don’t know, but it just seemed like he didn’t. Anyway, he had a girl over on Saturday night. Uggghhh. He pierced her tongue because she wanted it done without her parents finding out. Jordan had pierced his own tongue by himself awhile ago, so I guess the girl figured he could do hers. He told me that she passed out on his bed. Man, I have a bad feeling about this. I think something might have happened between them because she always flirts with him. Ok, this is only making me mad, so I won’t talk about it anymore. My parents just left to go to the Sullivan’s apartment. I didn’t really want to go, so I’m staying in our hotel room by myself. I guess I’m just going to relax and watch some TV. I’ll write some other day.

P.S. – I miss Sam!

Commentary: Yesterday I missed Jordan, today I miss Sam – make up your mind!! Who pierces their own tongue?! The lighting and quality of today’s photo is really crappy, but I had to post it since it shows me at the Mall of America on the exact day that I wrote this diary entry.