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03/09/01: Today I stayed home from school because I was feeling sick, so I finally have time to write in you! Okay, so Jordan and I are still boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s cool because we go out almost every Friday and Saturday night. A couple weekends ago, we kissed for the first time. It was awesome. Tonight Jordan was going to come pick me up so we could go out, but since I’m sick, we won’t be able to go anywhere. This sucks! I mean, I don’t really care that much, but I know he will. He’s gonna be pissed! We had the whole night planned and he keeps saying, “I can’t wait to see you again,” and now I have to cancel on him! Brent is grounded, so Jordan won’t be able to go over there either. Well I’m gonna go take a shower and maybe that will help me feel better (I doubt it). L8R!

04/23/01: Sorry I haven’t been keeping this thing up to date. It’s hidden away, so I always forget to write. Anyway, Jordan and I are still going out. It’s been more than two months now. We had our two month anniversary on the 14th, and he got me this Rage Against the Machine CD that I really wanted. Oh, and for our one month he got me a dozen red roses, so that was cool! We are like best friends pretty much. I know him a lot better now, and yes he did stop drinking, so that makes me like him even more! We always say “I love you” and things are just really good. Things were kind of bad last week though, because I started talking to that John guy from youth group and Jordan found out about it. He was pretty pissed, but things are cool now. Man, I wish I could tell you all the things he has said to me. I’ve realized that he really does love me – a LOT! I never want to break up with him, because I don’t think anyone else could ever love me and care about me as much as he does. Oh, and Sam – I still talk to him! Can you believe it? I’ve known him for almost a year now. I still love him, haha. Well I’ll write more later!

Commentary: Ahh young love 🙂 I can still remember the thrill and excitement of experiencing it for the first time.