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02/10/01: Today me, Samantha, Brent, and Jordan went to the mall. I’m starting to not care about how they drink and stuff. Oh well, it’s not that bad I guess, but I’m just never gonna do it. Anyway, tonight all I can think about is Jordan. I really do like him. He’s very shy, but I like that, so it’s all good. We went over to Brent’s house to chill out and watch a movie. Jordan was too shy to even sit by me, but finally he did. Then Samantha and I had to go home. Jordan actually had the courage to give me a hug! I kind of didn’t want to let go…dang! I’m crazy about this dude. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so hopefully Jordan and I will get to hang out together. That would be nice. I’ve been longing for a boyfriend and now I might actually have one. Yay! Anyways, my computer is still broken and we haven’t gotten a new one yet. That sucks because Sam and I haven’t talked in like a freakin’ month! I miss him like crazy…I just hope he hasn’t forgotten about me. Well it’s midnight and I’m tired, so goodnight!

02/11/01: Tonight Samantha, Shawna, and Robin came over. It was a pretty fun night. We talked about a lot of stuff. None of it was that interesting, but I did find out something about Jordan. Last night I was at Brent’s house as you already know, and I had to go to the bathroom. When I was finished, I came out and couldn’t find where everyone went. I went downstairs and heard people talking in the laundry room, so I walked in. Jordan, Brent, and Samantha were in there and apparently were talking about me. They wanted me to go wait in another room. I thought that was weird, so tonight I asked Samantha what they were saying. She said Jordan was talking about how I was sooo hot and how he was scared to sit by me because he liked me so much, and he thought he would say the wrong thing or something. He also didn’t want to mess up the chance he had with me. I think that’s really sweet. I thought he just didn’t like me, and now I’m relieved to know the truth. Wow, he’s so cute and has a good personality! I’m going to start going out with him I think. I’m probably going to have a talk with him about the drinking thing, though. I’m going to tell him he can drink, as long as I’m not there – he has to give it up while I’m around. I’m wondering if he would do that just for me. I mean, he doesn’t even know me that well! Hmmm, I’m just going to wait and see what he thinks about all this…

Commentary: In my last entry I was so against alcohol and being around people who drink, but apparently now I’ve decided it’s not that big of a deal. I like how I thought I would never drink, ha! 🙂