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01/08/01: On Friday night, Samantha came over and we went over to her boyfriend Brent’s house. Then we called James and went to his house, so I finally met him. It was weird because this is the person who I always talk to on the phone, but when I saw him, he was totally different than what I expected. It was sooo strange….we couldn’t even talk to each other at first. Then James came over to Brent’s house with us and we started watching a movie. Gosh, James put his arm around me when we were laying down. He also tickles me – it’s annoying! He was trying to hold my hand and stuff. How can you act like that around someone you don’t know at all? Then every time Brent and Samantha would hug, James would come up and try to cling onto me. Then we started playing Truth or Dare. James had to kiss me on the cheek, and then I had to kiss him on the cheek. Then he had to kiss me on the lips. Then everyone wanted me to go make out with him in a closet, but I refused to do that. Afterwards we played this stripping card game which was really embarrassing. Then Samantha and I had to go home. On Saturday night, Cara and I went to a dance at our school and had an awesome time! Two of the most popular guys asked us to slow dance. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I mean they are sooo popular and have never even looked at me before, and all of a sudden they ask me to dance. Then on Sunday I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and threw up 12 times! I haven’t thrown up since second grade, so I didn’t know what was happening. I had the flu sooo bad. My temperature was 102 degrees. Anyway, James called last night, but my dad told him I was sick. I’ve been wondering what he wanted. Gosh, I only want to be his friend, so I hope he doesn’t make any more moves on me. Oh, and about that Sam punk…well I don’t really think about him that much anymore. I just have other guys in my life right now. I still have to meet him in person someday, but for right now he’s being put on hold. Oh, and then there is this guy named Derek. He goes to my school and Cara told him that I like him, so now he’s going to write me a note and supposedly ask me out. That’s good, because then I can tell James I have a boyfriend so he will kinda leave me alone. Well I’m tired, so I’ll write more later.

Commentary: So I refused to make out with James in a closet but wasn’t opposed to playing a stripping card game?!