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12/16/00: On Thursday, James called. Actually, Samantha called first to warn me that James was going to call, haha. Anyway, James and I talked for about 20 minutes. He’s totally nice and everything, but we come from two way different backgrounds, so we don’t have that much in common. He ended up calling two more times that night. Cara was over because she had to use my computer. She got on the phone when I was trying to talk to Brent because he called. Cara was being really rude and I was kind of getting sick of her. Then James called and she was rude to him too, so she was like totally embarrassing me. I was upset because every time I listen in on one of her phone calls, I stay totally quiet. Once I got away from Cara, I called James back. We talked for awhile, and then my brother took the phone and hung up on us. I looked all over for James’ phone number, but couldn’t find it. Then Brent called and told me to get online. I asked Brent what James really thought about me since they are good friends. He said that James thought I sounded like I was about 13 and not 15 and a half years old. He also said I sounded hot, was funny, and had a good personality. Ha! I don’t know if I believe that. Brent could have just made that up to get me to go out with James. Anyway, I found out something I didn’t really want to know. Well first, James’ mom lives in Chicago so he goes up there every weekend, but guess what? He is also on probation! Apparently he borrowed his friend’s car to go home from school and crashed it, so the city is keeping an eye on him, making him do all this community service and stuff. I don’t think James wanted me to know about that, but I found out. If he does anything else like that again, he goes to prison. He has already been to jail for five hours. I wasn’t planning on going out with him, but Samantha says I should meet him and give him a chance. Brent would also be mad if I turned James down. I don’t know what to do. I mean, what’s the point of going out with someone who goes to Chicago every weekend? We would never be able to do anything. Ugghh, why did they have to get me into this whole mess? I’ll figure something out. Oh yeah, about Sam – I haven’t really talked to him since the last time I wrote, but he said he might have a girlfriend this Saturday night and it’s Saturday! I hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend! He said she has a really cool CD collection, and he figures that’s a good reason to go out with her. Uggghh. Oh well. Okay, I better go get ready because I’m going out since it’s Saturday night!

Commentary: That James dude was bad news. I should have been smart enough to know that I needed to stay away from him. The fact that he was on probation should have been a big red flag, but for some reason I kept talking to him.