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12/13/00: Today it was snowing really badly, so we got out of school an hour early. Cara drove me over to her house, and we just sat around and watched TV. It was boring, so she finally took me home. The roads were really bad and we ended up getting stuck. My parents drove by and were pissed at me! Uggghhh, so I ended up getting in so much trouble just because she took me home. Then Samantha and Brent drove by. Ugghhh! They’re nice, don’t get me wrong, but they never call before they come over. It’s always a surprise visit at the worst possible times. Brent wanted me to meet his friend James, so he called him up and made me talk to him. I don’t even know this person at all. Of course I didn’t know what to say, and every time James tried asking me something, Brent and Samantha would start talking to me. So the whole time I was like, “What? What?” That’s a really good first impression to make! Now he probably thinks I’m so dumb. Brent said I should call him back, but I couldn’t. I already made a fool out of myself. Then Brent and Samantha left, and I got online and saw that Ted was on. I never know if I should say anything to him, because one time (a long time ago) Sam got online using his brother’s screen name and said that he just had to switch names. He also said that I should never message that name because his bro would be pissed, but I do it anyway. Ted has never been mad or anything. Anyway, I ended up talking to Ted for a half hour. He always asks sooo many questions! I barely have time to answer because he’s always on to the next question. I guess he just wants to know a lot about America and the people here or something. I finally had to go, so I said, “See ya,” and Ted was like, “Ta-ta love.” Woah, I thought that was a little weird, but I dunno…he’s probably that nice to everyone. Ted and I are like friends now. The thing is, I don’t even know if Sam knows anything about this. He probably doesn’t have a clue that I talk to his brother. Oh well, I guess he’ll find out soon enough! Really, I just want to talk to Sam – not his brother or anyone else!

Commentary: I definitely remember getting stuck in the snow. My parents told me to stay at my friend’s house because they didn’t want her to risk driving in that much snow, plus she had only recently gotten her license. I didn’t listen and convinced her to drive me home, probably so I could see if Sam was online, and of course her van ended up getting stuck. It wasn’t a huge deal because we got stuck right in front of my house, but it was quite a scene – my friend was trying to get her van un-stuck, my parents came outside and were yelling at me, and then Brent and Samantha showed up unannounced and got to witness everything. I should have learned my lesson – listen to your parents because they are almost always right!