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11/27/00: F***! Sorry, but I’m having such a bad day. Uuuggghhh, everything is going wrong. First of all, I got an “F” on another Chemistry test. I think I’m totally failing that class. I told my parents and they didn’t seem to care before, but now they want me to get tutoring. No way. Ugghhh. I’m really mad at my dad. What the hell is his problem? It’s like one minute he’s just sitting there and everything is fine, and the next second he is yelling and screaming at me. It’s pretty messed up. I have absolutely no respect for him. When I got home from school, Sam actually messaged me and we got to chat. I wish we didn’t even talk at all. He wanted to know if I still liked John. I told him the truth and said, “Yes.” Then he didn’t respond for a long time and got offline. Man, what is his problem? It’s not like he would be jealous because he doesn’t even like me anyway, right? I dunno, I’m so confused. He must have read the email I sent him. I don’t know why else he would be mad, not respond, and then leave. I’m guessing he’s mad that I like John or something, even though that doesn’t seem right. I hope Sam knows that I like him a lot more than anyone else. Then Brent and his friend rang the doorbell. Brent is Samantha’s boyfriend. We went over to his house and to a movie on Saturday night. That was the first time I met him. He’s pretty nice. Anyway, he came over with his friend and I was just in such a bad mood after talking with Sam that I didn’t answer the door. Why would Brent come over without Samantha? I wonder what they wanted. I’m afraid they will come back and my dad will answer the door and be rude to them. That’s just how he is. Well I better go downstairs and be prepared to answer the door before anyone else gets to it first.

Commentary: Woah, this entry originally contained quite a few swear words! I edited most of them out, but I had to leave in the opening “F” word because it just wouldn’t have the same effect otherwise. Telling Sam that I had a crush on John probably wasn’t the best idea if I was trying to convey to him that I liked him more than anyone else. Sometimes trying to make people jealous can backfire.