11/03/00: Tonight Cara and I were going to go to a movie, but the stupid people who work there wouldn’t let us in because it was rated R. Uggghh! I have gotten into every other rated R movie, but they just had to be jerks. We decided to walk down the street to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead. Even though it’s a kid’s place, we went there to play some games and re-live our childhood days. Anyway, I haven’t talked to Sam in over a week, and that is really unusual. I have no clue where he’s been or what he’s doing. I hope he’s okay…

11/11/00: Last night I spent the night at Cara’s house. It was pretty cool. We watched The Exorcist II and it totally sucked! That was the only bad part of the sleepover. Today I was grounded and didn’t get to go out, so I was pissed because both Cara and Samantha invited me to do stuff. Oh well, I guess it’s good to stay home and spend time by myself for once. Anyway, Sam and I haven’t talked for the longest time. I decided to write him an email to see what was going on and how he’s doing. Get this! He actually wrote back! I was so excited. He said he was going to some Deftones concert and that nothing else new had really happened. Hmmm, okay. Then he said he really does hope we can chat again soon. Whatever! Looking on the brighter side of things, tomorrow is Sunday so I will get to go to youth group and see John! Yay!

Commentary: I wonder what I did to get myself grounded. Today’s photo is a very creepy pic of Chuck E. Cheese. Does anyone remember Billy Bob?! He was definitely the creepiest.