10/30/00: Two weeks ago, after my last entry, our marching band went to State. We ended up getting first place and grand champions and everything. I cried when I found out because it really means a lot to me. I really love everyone in the band. They are a bunch of way cool people who I will remember forever. We were also the only band who got a standing ovation out of about 80 other bands. Actually, it was probably more than 80. We got five big trophies, too. It made me realize that all the stress and emotional hell I went through was well worth it in the end. Then Cara and I went to a Halloween party in my neighborhood. It was so much fun! I did some other cool things that weekend, but now I can’t remember – sorry! Anyway, tomorrow is Halloween, yay! I had a four day weekend, so here is some stuff I did. On Wednesday night, I went to the Halloween dance at my school and really danced my ass off! Then on Thursday I went driving around with Cara and spent the night at her house. I also went to see a movie called The Exorcist which is said to be the scariest movie ever made. On Friday I drove around more with Cara, and then I went to my friend Shawna’s 16th b-day party. We had lots of fun there. Then Cara and I went to a haunted house. Oh yeah, last weekend I went on a haunted hay-rack ride and it was pretty dumb, but the haunted house I went to with Cara was pretty cool. On Saturday I went shopping at the mall and then went cosmic bowling at night. On Sunday I went to youth group and saw John! He sat by me, and we kind of flirted a little. I had an awesome time and can’t wait for next Sunday to come so I can see him again! I really like him, but he’s a senior, really cute, and way too good for little old me! Well I guess you are probably wondering what ever happened to that punk named Sam? Of course I still like him a lot, even though we don’t get to talk as often these days, which I’m sad about. I’m kinda still thinking that he doesn’t like me as much anymore. We’ll see I guess.

Commentary: Wow, sounds like I had a fun weekend! My friend had just gotten her license the month before, so we used to drive around with no destination in mind and blast music. I miss those days!