10/06/00: I finally had a good day at school, so that’s cool! My hair used to be REALLY long, but last night I got three inches cut off and some layers put in. Today I got lots of compliments on it, and it seriously does make me look older. I’m happy that I actually like my hair now. When I got home from school, I really wanted to talk to Sam because I haven’t talked to him in forever! He wasn’t online, so I went to sleep for awhile. I woke up, ate dinner, and went shopping with my sister and mom. We bought $300 worth of clothes! I got tons of cute things! Anyway, I better go because I’m going to watch a movie now.

10/15/00: I haven’t written in awhile, so I’ll give you an update of my weekend at least. On Friday (the 13th), I had a pretty good day, actually. I got to talk to Sam for about two hours. By the time we got done chatting, it was 1:00 a.m. his time and 7:00 p.m. my time. We had a really nice talk and I think somehow we realized how important we are in each others lives. I know that sounds totally ridiculous, but it’s true. Then on Saturday I had an all-day field show in Alton, which was three hours away. I don’t even want to talk about that because the whole day totally sucked! One thing bad that happened was I got my period and wasn’t even prepared! That was in the morning, and the whole day went downhill from there. Oh yeah, and last weekend I got to babysit Drake (the dwarf) and he is so totally cute! I actually didn’t babysit him all by myself, though. My sister was there and did most of it, and then I had to leave early. Then on Sunday night I went to youth group where we were having a sleepover at the church. I went with Melissa because Cara couldn’t come, and I had an awesome time! John was there and he sat by me during the movie. I was happy. Then we (Melissa, Katie, Tera, and I) played games in the game room while John painted this really cool painting on the wall in another room. He is such a good artist! Wow, I was very amazed. Then we played a game called Sardines (like hide and seek) with the whole youth group. At that point it was about two or three in the morning. Then we ate pizza and did a bunch of other fun things. At about 4:30 a.m., all my friends had fallen asleep. We were in the starlight theater watching movies. The church has three floors, so everyone was in different rooms. I was really bored because I wasn’t tired and couldn’t sleep like all my friends were. Then John came in the room all of a sudden and said he couldn’t sleep either. He put on a little puppet show for me, and other people started waking up. They got mad because they wanted it to be totally quiet, so they kicked him out. I wanted to go with him to wherever, but my friends wanted me to stay with them, so I did. I tried to sleep, but it was freezing cold! The next thing I knew, Mike was waking me up saying it was time to go out for breakfast. We went to Denny’s, and I made sure to get in John’s car so I could ride with him. We had a good meal, went back to the church to clean up, and then I went home. It was such a nice weekend! I still really like John, and I’ll try to give you more updates on him. Today was youth group but I was too busy to go, so I won’t see John for another long week. Oh well, I’ll live I guess.

Commentary: I have a very clear memory of that sleepover and how much fun it was. Spending the entire night with a guy I had a huge crush on made it even more exciting! Being able to spend the night in a church is definitely a unique experience. Usually you only get to see the main sanctuary, but at the sleepover we got to run around on all three floors of the church. There were so many rooms and it really felt like we were in a castle. I realized it would be a great place to have a wedding, so that’s where I hope to get married someday! Today’s photo shows its beautiful sanctuary. 

P.S. – John became a legitimate artist. His work is absolutely amazing!