09/25/00: I ended up going to homecoming! I just went with a group of friends, though. On Saturday, I went to Geneseo for a field show. We performed inside a gym because it was raining outside. We ended up winning every award except best drum major. We also got first place in our class. We won a trophy, plaques, and we got best color guard, so I was very happy about that. Then on Sunday, Cara and I went to youth group. We did a scavenger hunt where we split into groups and drove around finding things and answering questions. I had the best time because I got to be with John (Mike’s younger brother). Now I have a huge crush on him (I don’t really like Matt anymore). Anyway, I think he likes me too because he was all flirty and was flipping my hair and stuff. Man-oh-man he is sooo hot! Don’t get me wrong, Sam is still awesome! I think it’s pretty amazing we have kept talking for this long. I’m sooo glad I met him because just talking to him helps me get through the day. He is such an important person to me! Well it’s 10:00 p.m. and I have to do my homework, so I’ll write later.
09/28/00: Hello. Today I had a pretty bad day, to tell you the truth. At school I took a Chemistry quiz and had no idea what I was doing, so I think I failed. Uggghh! Then I took a Geometry test and was confused on that, too. When I got home I had a nice conversation with Sam, so that was the only good part of my day. Then my mom, sister, and brother all got in this huge argument and were yelling at each other over the stupidest things. I hate when that happens. I had to go to school with my hair wet because I was running late and didn’t have time to dry it after my shower. Also, I’ve been getting all these pimples from stress. It sucks! I looked bad all day and have a red patch on my face! It’s like a rash or something. I tried covering it up with makeup, but you can still see it. Ahhh, oh well. I better do homework because I have some in every subject of course!

Commentary: Oh, I guess I did go to homecoming after all! 🙂 I had a crush on that John guy for a looong time. He was the only reason I went to youth group!