10/01/00: Hello. I have had the busiest weekend! I had a football game on Friday night and went to a dance afterwards. Then on Saturday, I had a competition for color guard in Washington. It went pretty well – we got second place. Oh, and there was also a parade before the field show, but we must have done badly because we didn’t get any awards! Oh well, I don’t even care at this point. When I arrived home, I had to babysit the Allen’s. I had fun and earned $20.00. Then today I had youth group. It was cool because I got to see John! We didn’t talk all that much, though. Cara says she can tell he really likes me, so I’m excited. She says he stares at me all the time. Ahhh, I love him. Anyway, I haven’t talked to Sam in three days. I think he is slowly fading out of my life…NO!! I won’t let that happen, I can’t! He is way too awesome. But now I really like John, so I dunno…

10/02/00: Well I had another crappy day at school. It seems like every day just gets worse. I can barely stand it. All my classes are sooo hard…I probably have really bad grades in everything. Oh well! I’m at the point where I just don’t give a crap anymore. Man, I need to talk to Sam. We haven’t spoken in four days. Maybe that’s why I’m so down in the dumps. Usually he always cheers me up. Yes, I think that’s the problem. Well I have nothing more to say and I have to do my homework, so talk to you L8R!

Commentary: My friend must have been trying to give me hope by saying that she could tell John liked me because I’m pretty sure he never did. I was a socially awkward, average-looking sophomore, and he was a really hot senior. I didn’t stand a chance! Today’s photo is a random one of my cat, McKenzie, who is anxiously waiting for someone to open the front door so he can sneak outside.