guys and dolls

09/13/00: Hey! I told you I would continue writing in another diary. Today was concert t-shirt day at school, so I wore my Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt. Nothing too exciting happened today…I got my Geometry test back and got a 93%, A-, so that’s really good (at least for me). I also had a Chemistry test to take…it was hard! I probably did really bad. That’s okay, I’ll do better next time. When I got home from school, I chatted with Sam for a little while. He wants to send me a CD that his band, Peanuckle, just made. Oooo! I really hope he does because that would be awesome! I still really like him a lot, even though I have a feeling he doesn’t like me as much anymore….oh well. I have a lot of homework to do and I have to get it all done if I want to go to skit night! I’ll write more soon.
09/15/00: Last night I was in the homecoming parade and football game for color guard. We had just learned two of the routines, so no one really expected us to do well, but we showed them because we rocked! Nikki (the captain) was even crying because she was sooo proud of us. It was truly a great night. I like this guy named Matt and he came to the parade and got to see me. Tonight is homecoming and I was going to go with a group of friends, but I’m way too tired and the day is flying by so fast because I woke up at 1:30 p.m.! It’s already 5:00 p.m. and I don’t feel like getting all dressed up, so I’m not going to go. Oh well, there will be other dances. On Thursday night I went to see my sister in a play called Guys and Dolls. In my opinion, it was very boring! That’s all I’ve been up to lately, so I guess I’ll just write more another day.

Commentary: Mike, Matt, Sam – it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of all my crushes. I wish I would have gone to homecoming. I missed out on a lot of high school activities because I figured there would always be more dances, parties, etc. to go to. I didn’t realize at the time how fast those four years of high school fly by.