ice skating

08/20/00: Last night I went ice skating with a few friends. We met about six guys there, so we talked and hung out with them the whole time. It was fun. Today Cara and I wanted to meet them at the movies but they couldn’t go, so we went to see Hollow Man by ourselves. It was pretty good. It was about this guy who was part of an experiment, got turned invisible, and started killing people. When I got home, I had a brief chat with Sam. It seems like something is different about him. I’m afraid he met someone else or something. I just have that feeling for some reason, and it makes me sad. It’s not like we are going out or anything, but still. Man, this will be really hard. I just know that Sam will start school, meet some girl who rocks his world, and he will forget all about me. That’s what I’m sooo afraid of – I can’t lose him! I know he is my soulmate or something. We just have very unique chemistry. It’s like we have so much in common, but are completely different people. I don’t know what to do about this whole thing. I guess the biggest problem is that I don’t know exactly how he feels about me. So I’m still not sure if I’m wasting my time or not. Oh well, I guess I won’t think about it so much. I’ll just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens.

Commentary: When your only form of communication with someone is talking online, it’s definitely a challenge to try and figure out what they really think of you. I should have just relaxed a little bit instead of being so paranoid.