08/27/00: This morning I woke up and went to Huck’s gas station. The whole color guard was having a car wash there to raise money for the new flags we bought (they cost $1,000). I basically stood at an intersection with one of my friends and held up a sign to advertise it. Man, people yelled some crazy things at us. We also got flicked off, so it was a pretty hard job to do. I washed cars for awhile, and then came home and lazed around. Oh yeah, I started school on Tuesday, and it sucks! Oh well, I’ll have to get it over with. Here’s the update on Sam: I haven’t talking to him in awhile because he’s gone at this thing called Reading Festival. It’s where all these big bands like the Foo Fighters come to perform. It lasts for about three days or something. Apparently he has to sleep in a tent at night. I haven’t talked to him in three days, and he won’t be back for two more days. I miss him already, but this break is good in a way. It’s always good to take a break from each other sometimes. That’s all, so I’ll write later.

P.S. – I went to and put in my full name and Sam’s full name, pressed calculate, and it’s an 88% connection!

Commentary: Oh wow, I really hope I didn’t take the “love calculator” results seriously. Judging by my excitement, I’m pretty sure I thought there was some truth to it. I can’t believe that website still exists!