08/07/00: Well band camp is over and I had a nice, relaxing weekend. I went tubing on the river with my family and the Purtscher’s. On the last day of camp (Friday), I went to two parties – one for color guard and one for the band. They were after our first performance (which was only in front of parents). There was a pool/pizza party, so my friends and I went to that. I got thrown in the pool by a senior. It sucked because I still had all my clothes on, so I went around soaking wet the rest of the day. Anyway, today I talked to Sam. Our relationship is really getting better every day. He is truly an amazing person. Today he told me that even if we never started talking online, we would eventually meet somewhere down the line. He said because we are just meant to be, hehe. Even though we have only known each other for two months, it seems like I’ve known him my whole life or something. I’m really starting to think that maybe he is “the one.” We have sooo much in common, but also disagree on many things. Sam told me that I’m a very understanding person. Sorry I talk about him all the time! I just can’t get over how weird this whole thing is! I never expected this to happen to me. I was someone who always thought it was stupid to fall in love with someone you met on the internet. Now I’m a believer! Man, I really hope no one reads this diary! It’s way too embarrassing, but if I ever die, I know someone will find this and read it…MOM! Well if you are reading this (which you shouldn’t be), call Sam in Shefford, England and tell him that I love him loads & loads! Haha, goodnight!

Commentary: Can someone please take me boating?! Ahh, I miss it so much. Thank goodness my mom never read my diary and doesn’t read this blog 🙂