07/02/00: Right now it’s 10:11 on Sunday night. Last night was the RHCP concert. We picked Cara up and started our two hour trip to Moline, IL. When my mom told me we only had 30 minutes left until we got there, my stomach dropped and I started to feel sick. Then I felt like I was going to cry because I was so scared. I mean, it was only Cara and I going – two 15 year old scrawny, attractive girls. The Chili Peppers have been around for 17 years, so most of the fans are old, like 30 year old men. My parents dropped us off about two blocks from the performance arena place, and we walked until we got inside. First, people padded us down and searched any bags we had. After that, Cara and I had no idea where to go – upstairs or downstairs. Somehow we found our seats. The lights went out a little while later, and a band called Blonde Redhead came out. They totally sucked, and everyone was yelling at them to get off the stage. Then the Foo Fighters came out and performed a great show. Dave Grohl (lead singer) walked out into the audience and played guitar. He also said “hello” to the people who got bad seats and couldn’t see the stage that well. Then he climbed up on a speaker and Chad (RHCP drummer) tried to throw him drumsticks from the stage. Then Taylor Hawkins sang a song while Chad and Dave played drums. It was cool! Then dry ice came out and flowed over the stage. Next the Chili Peppers came out and performed a hell of a show. It was even better than the last concert! They really are the best band in the world. They are the most talented people. I only cried a little…I just have sooo much love for them! The whole time I was singing my heart out because I knew every word of every song. The crowd was WILD! Body surfing and mosh pits were happening all over, so Anthony told everyone to chill and treat each other nicely because they wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. I thought it was incredibly nice of him to do that. They played several different songs from last time, so that was good. I also bought a t-shirt. The whole concert was absolutely AMAZING!!! Near the end, Flea came out to give a little speech about how he really appreciates everyone coming, how he was sooo grateful, and that he loves us soo much. It’s cool that they talk to the fans. I brought my camera and tried to take pics, so I hope they turn out. One boy at the concert was hitting on Cara and I, but it’s all good. He was cute, though! 🙂 Well I don’t know what else to say, except that the Chili Peppers ROCK and all my love and respect goes to them! My mom said that she passed the Chili Peppers’ tour buses after dropping us off. That’s cool! The concert really made me realize how much I connect with music, and how I really want to be in a band and tour for a living. I would seriously want to write music and perform than have any other job in the world! I really was savoring every moment of the concert! I have to go again…
Then Cara and I left and it was scary walking out because we didn’t know where to meet my parents – everything looks different in the dark. I seriously thought we would get raped or something. We finally found my parents and drove home. I was really wound up in the van and was acting all crazy cause I was so excited still. Now I’m sitting here sooo sad knowing it’s over. Anyway, it was the best day of my entire life so far 🙂 Today Sam and I chatted online. I hadn’t talked to him in the longest time, so it was nice and I told him all about the concert. Well I haven’t gotten sleep in two nights, so I better go. Now it’s 10:53 p.m. The night before last (Friday), I went to Cara’s for a Chili Pepper party to get excited for the concert. I spent the night and barely got any sleep.

Commentary: I don’t think the words “scrawny” and “attractive” belong in the same sentence. I thought 30 was old and now I’m 30, eek! My dream of being in a band and touring for a living sure didn’t pan out. It’s weird to think about how my friend and I had to somehow find my parents’ van after the concert and couldn’t text/call them to see where they were at – didn’t have a cell phone back then! I love when I have a photo that matches up perfectly with what I wrote about, and today’s photo is of me and my friend going to that RHCP concert. Props to my parents for driving me to concerts that were hours away, even on school nights.