06/26/00: Today I woke up and had a dentist appointment to go to. My doctor said my teeth looked great and I didn’t have any cavities. That was great news for me, because lately I have been drinking lots of soda and eating tons of candy, so I’m really happy! 🙂 Then I got online, but Sam wasn’t on. I haven’t talked to him in three days! On the 24th he had a b-day party to go to, then yesterday Cara and I went tubing on the Illinois River. We had sooo much fun! At the last minute I had to email Sam to let him know I had to cancel our chat for the day. So now I’m worried that he’s mad at me and thinks I just did that to him because he had to cancel on me the day before. Maybe he’ll never want to talk to me again 😦 If he wanted to talk to me, he would have been online today. I left him an email explaining everything and said I would be on at noon tomorrow if he wants to chat. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Well that’s basically all for now, so I’ll write tomorrow and tell you what the deal is with Sam.
P.S. – I really want to finish this dang diary! I absolutely hate writing in this, but I know one day when I’m a lot older I’ll appreciate it. Reading this, you might think I’m a really messed up and depressed teenager who’s no fun at all. That’s actually not the case. I really like my life no matter how much I say it sucks, cause guess what! I’m going to see the Chili Peppers this Saturday, so everything is okie-dokie!

Commentary: Yes, now that I’m older I certainly do appreciate my diary. When I think about how much time it must have taken me to write these entries and how dedicated I was to it at such a young age, it absolutely amazes me. It’s very interesting to know what I was like back then, and to see how I slowly evolved over time into the person I am today. The above photo was taken when my friend and I went boating. I’m holding a hair brush in my hand, which was very typical of me at the time. I took a brush with me everywhere! Why the heck are my swimsuit bottoms pulled up so high?!