06/20/00: Hi! I’m 15 years old today. First, my grandparents came over and gave me my present. Then I checked to see if Sam was online. He got on a few minutes after I did, and we chatted almost the whole day! I thought about what I wanted to do the most on my special day, and of course I wanted to spend it talking with Sam. Then I had to leave for my first color guard practice. While I was there, my friends Samantha and Shawna told the captain it was my b-day, so the whole color guard sang Happy Birthday to me while the band watched. I was sooo embarrassed! Then I went over to Cara’s house to spend the night. We had a lot of fun and got to sleep on the screened-in porch. To complete my b-day, I checked my email and Sam wrote! It wasn’t really anything special, but at the end it said, “Luv, Sam.” Can you believe it?? He’s perfect…
06/21/00: I woke up at Cara’s house of course, and basically went right home. I got ready for the day and then got online. Sam got on almost right when I did! He says I’m the love of his life and I say he’s my soulmate – we’re only kidding, though. Anyway, I could only chat for 15 minutes because then Cara picked me up to go to River City. We basically laid out all day to get tan. I got burnt really badly. Then I babysat the Allen’s from 6:00-10:30 p.m. It was pretty fun. Well, that’s about all I did today, so see ya!

Commentary: I definitely remember feeling a very strong connection to Sam right off the bat, even though I didn’t really know him. I couldn’t believe I had so much in common with someone who lived in a different country!