06/19/00: Yo, tomorrow is my b-day! I’ll finally be 15. This morning I woke up, watched TV, and then got online. I think I sent Sam a brain message, because he got online about the same time I did. I was more than excited. We chatted for a little over 30 minutes, and then I went to Splashdown Water Park with Cara. Anyway, Sam might be my soulmate…seriously!!! He said I have a way with words – I make everything sound so cool. Ahh! I don’t know what to do. I wish I could tell you every detail of what we chatted about today, but I’ll get way too depressed. It really KILLS me inside that I can’t be with him. I really hope we always stay the good friends that we are now. If I tell anyone about Sam, they won’t understand at all. They might think he’s just pretending to be a 16 year old guy from the UK, but I know he’s not lying. Oh, and he also said that every weekend he gets to take a train to London. I’m so jealous. He said that if we ever met and had 24 hours to do anything together, he would do anything I wanted to do. I really like that he doesn’t ask too many questions. Like if I have to get offline, he won’t ask why. Here I am still talking about him and getting all sad. Let’s change the subject. Going to Splashdown was a lot of fun since I had never been there before. They had a lazy river and really awesome water slides. The only problem was that the whole day I kept thinking about Sam! He said he was listening to the song Breaking the Girl the whole day, so now I’m playing it on repeat. Okay, I better go before I go totally psycho (too late)!

Commentary: I’m glad I decided to go to that water park instead of staying home and talking to Sam all day, which was my original plan. I had crushes on other guys before, but this was the first guy I actually talked to and had long conversations with. Just for the record, he really was a 16 year old guy from the UK and not some 45 year old creep 🙂