06/08/00: Hey! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. This week has been pretty hot (in the 80’s), so I have been swimming. My job for the summer is to babysit. I usually babysit the Allen family, but today I babysat the Wen’s for the first time. I had to be there at 10:00 a.m. I played with Sophie and Violet outside while their mom cleaned the house. Then she needed to run some errands, so I went along. We went to a lot of places, and it was the hardest job I’ve ever had! Kids just don’t listen! They basically were spoiled brats and their mom wants me to come again on Monday so I can go to Lakeview Water Park with them. Oh joy…the good news is that I got $27.00! I am also having my period, so the whole day I have had the absolute worst cramps. Then I went on a bike ride and watched the MTV Movie Awards. Oh, and I got an email saying the Chili Peppers just made a video for a song called Californication. Cara invited me to go to Splashdown water park tomorrow, but I’m not going to go because that’s when the video will be shown on TV for the first time – I have to get it on tape! I’m so excited to see it! 🙂

06/17/00: Hi! Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Cara and I have been getting together a lot more often than we usually do. Anyway, I have news to tell you, and you’ll probably think I’m out of my mind. Okay, I was in this chat room on the internet and got kind of bored, so I clicked on a different room to go into and right when I did that, this guy sent me a message. My screen name is Rockinfreakapotamus_8 which is the name of RHCP’s fanclub that I recently joined, and the guy told me it was a way cool name (he is a big fan himself). Anyway, we got to talking and stayed online for about an hour and a half. He lives in the UK, so that sucks. He sent me two pics of himself and he’s actually cute! He’s 16, though. We seem like soulmates or somethin’! We are going to try and chat at the same time like every day. So the next day we chatted for three hours straight. He is the absolute nicest guy I have ever talked to in my life! His name is Sam. Today he wasn’t able to chat, but sent me an email. When I got it, I screamed I was so happy. That means he was thinking about me. It was a short email though, and it went like this (I memorized it, of course!):
Hey punk!!! How have ya been? Speak w/you soon. Ok, I’ve already run outta things to say, so I’m off. Bye, Sam
Arrgghh! He’s so funny. We have the same sense of humor. I’m debating whether or not I should tell my mom about this. She would get all worked up about it and tell me to stay out of chat roooms or something. No, I won’t tell her. I mean, it’s no big deal. I definitely think this is my first love, though. I know how stupid that must sound knowing that I met him on the internet, but it’s true. I never imagined what it would feel like to actually be in love…it’s great! Like every second I think about him and can’t even sleep at night. I’m always hoping he’s writing me an email or thinking about me. This is sooo weird though! I mean how can I be so wacko for someone I have never met or talked to in person? Everything happens for a reason, so I met him for a reason I guess. So you are probably wondering what we talk about? We actually play games – like one of us will start typing lyrics to a RHCP song and the other person will have to finish the lyric. Or one person will type lyrics and the other has to guess the name of the song. It’s really fun. Guess what?! He even has a British accent. I’ve found out that we have sooo much in common. Well it’s 12:07 a.m. here, so in the UK it must be 6:07 a.m. Sometimes I think I must be crazy, because I had plans for tomorrow – going with my mom to drop my sister off at the airport and then going shopping at Old Navy, a store I have always wanted to go to. I’m not going though, just so I can talk to Sam online. I guess that’s what love does to ya. I better go, it’s already morning…

Commentary: Uh oh, internet romance time! You’ll be hearing a lot about this Sam person. My mom never even knew I talked to this guy until I told her about it a few months ago. Things are about to get interesting! 🙂