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05/30/00: Today was the last day of school! My trip to Chicago was awesome! The whole time we were there we shopped, ate good food, and swam. This week and last week I had finals – it sucked! They were so incredibly hard! Anyway, school got out today at 11:40, so I went over to Cara’s house and came back around 5:00 to eat Pizza Hut. Yummy! At 8:00 or so, Erin called and wondered if I wanted to go on a bike ride. I didn’t really want to, but it was a nice night, so I went. The whole thing was so weird, like going back in time. We pretty much rode in silence and it was awkward. Then I said, “bye,” and went inside. She probably thinks I’m really mean, but ughh! It’s just not the same. We were really close at one time, but that’s over now. Anyway, I’m about to cry because I feel bad about what happened with Erin, plus I won’t get to see Scott the whole summer! Ugh! I should have just asked him out since Cara thought she heard him say that he thought I was cute! Oh well.
06/03/00: Oh my gosh, I am having the worst day. My report card came in the mail – I failed my Algebra final and got C’s on all the rest. My final grades for fourth semester were basically all C’s and one A, which doesn’t even count on the GPA because it’s Health, and then I got a B in Speech. I have basically been crying and fighting with my mom the whole day. On top of that, I haven’t slept in three days straight and have the flu. Ugh, my head hurts sooo bad right now. I wish I could crawl up in a hole and die. Well my freakin’ parents want me to go to a dumb dinner at my grandparents’ house even though I really don’t want to go. Oh, and to make everything worse, my brother got straight A’s on his report card! That really bugs the freakin’ crap out of me. I better go because if I keep writing, I think I might lose it.

Commentary: Haha, I think I meant to say “curl” up in a hole and die 🙂 Today’s photo is of me in high school. I have no idea who took this picture or how I ended up with it. The sandals I’m wearing were my absolute favorite, and I wore them until the part you slide your foot under completely ripped all the way down.