05/6/00: Today was the first day of the year that I swam in my pool. It was sooo much fun and brought back a lot of memories from last summer. Guess what! Cara told me that she heard some guys talking about how they thought I was really cute, and we think Scott was talking about me, too. Anyways, at about 7:00, Erin called and wanted to have a talk. I really didn’t want to, but I had to get it over with sometime. We ended up talking until 11:00 p.m. It was sooo weird talking to her again. Then for some reason she asked me what I eat for lunch at school, and I don’t really eat much because the school doesn’t have anything good. So then she came up with this whole thing about how she thinks I’m anorexic and all this crap. She got so worked up about it! Gosh, I am not anorexic, but she wouldn’t leave me alone about it! So now I’m really annoyed with her. Today I bought another Chili Peppers CD called, What Hits!? I’m listening to it right now. It’s good! Prom is tonight, so my sister and her boyfriend Dave came over to see my brother in his tux. I’m so excited because for my birthday I might get to go to another Chili Peppers concert, and Dave said he might be able to get me backstage passes because he knows someone who is related to one of the Chili Peppers or something. He said they live down the street from him. Oh my gosh! I might get to meet my idols! If I ever did, I wouldn’t know what to say and would faint. Well, we are having a prom party, so I’ll go join the fun I guess.
05/19/00: I haven’t written in awhile, and a lot has been happening. So much for getting to meet the Chili Peppers! Dave said he was thinking of a different band and got confused. When I found out, I was sooo pissed off! The good news is that I finally convinced my parents to let Cara and I go to a Chili Peppers concert on July 1st. I’m really excited! I also wrote a letter to the RHCP fan club saying how much I appreciate their music. I’m hoping for a reply back, but they are on tour of course and are very busy. Anyway, I have been having problems with my heart for the past few weeks, so I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. Then I had to miss more school to go in on Thursday morning to get a heart monitor put on. It sucked! I had five electrodes put on my body with a bunch of wires everywhere and a tape recorder around my waist to record the sounds of my heart. Today is Friday and I went in to get it taken off. I had to wear it for 24 hours and had to write down every single thing I did. I was really relieved to get it off. We won’t get the results back for two weeks, though. Today everyone at my school went to the courthouse, but I didn’t want to go and neither did Cara, so we pretty much ditched school. Right now I’m supposed to be at her house studying for finals, but she never called me back to confirm the plan. Also, I’m leaving for Chicago at 4:00 today for a small vacation with my mom and sister. Well, I’m gonna go check my e-mail to see if the Chili Peppers wrote!

Commentary: Oh wow, I actually thought the Chili Peppers were going to email me? I suppose that’s the way extremely naive 14 year olds think. I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m anorexic pretty much my whole life, but I didn’t know the accusations started this young. At work a couple weeks ago one of my coworkers asked, “What size are you?!” and proceeded to ask what size pants I wear. Umm, rude! You should never comment on someone’s weight, no matter how big or small they might be. I wouldn’t necessarily blame someone for thinking I have an eating disorder because I definitely am thin, but if I did have one, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to talk about it with people I barely know. I actually really don’t enjoy being super skinny. Every time I see a picture of myself, I cringe because I know I don’t look very healthy, and I would actually love to be about 20 pounds heavier. Hopefully my metabolism will slow down now that I’m 30! 🙂