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04/17/00: Today Cara called and invited me to go to the mall. First, we went to a store where Cara got fake nails put on. It took 45 minutes and I had to sit there and watch, but it was still fun. Then we shopped around at some stores and I bought two shirts. It was a buy one get one free deal. Then her mom drove us to Target where we shopped some more! That’s when we got a little tired, so we picked up Avanti’s and went back to Cara’s house. We had sooo much fun! She is definitely my best friend.
04/20/00: Last night Cara invited me to spend the night. We had an awesome time! We used tanning spray to give ourselves a sunless tan, watched movies, played truth or dare, gave each other facials – you know, the usual stuff. Then this morning I had to go home because Cara had a track meet, so I took a shower and got ready. Then Cara called to say the track meet was canceled, and she invited me to a movie. We went to see Final Destination, and it was really scary! It was about cheating death. Afterwards, we walked down the street to Bath and Body Works and had fun looking around. Well, gotta go!
04/28/00: Exactly one month ago, I was at the Chili Peppers concert! I can’t wait to go to another concert of theirs, even though I know I probably won’t get to. Anyways, I haven’t told you about this, but I’ve experienced love at first sight. Yeah, it’s true! It’s this guy named Scott, and from the moment I saw him, I felt this vibe. Now I can’t stop thinking about him. I really wonder if he likes me. Somehow I’m going to find out. I’ll keep my eyes open for clues. Well, that’s all for now! I’m just listening to my favorite song, My Lovely Man by the Chili Peppers, of course! It just happens to be the saddest song I’ve ever heard (I’m crying now).

Commentary: I really do miss the sleepovers my friend and I used to have. Even though our friendship was somewhat off and on, I don’t know what I would have done without her. Today’s photo is of me at her house during one of our many sleepovers. Some might think it’s odd that I’m wearing a mask with cat ears and some sort of tail around my neck, but for us it was totally normal. That’s what I liked best about hanging out with her – I felt totally comfortable being my weird self.